Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Lambda at St. Norbert College

New Member Program

Our five-to-eight-week Bonds of Sisterhood program helps new members learn about Fraternity and chapter life and the responsibilities of membership. These responsibilities include upholding Alpha Xi Delta ideals and standards, meeting financial obligations, pursuing personal and academic excellence and participating in chapter activities. 

Letter From our NMOC chair..

Hi Everyone!

My name is Molly Steinacker and I am the current New Member Orientation Chair (also known as NMOC).  This position allows me to meet with the new members of Alpha Xi Delta and teach them all about our amazing sorority. 

The new member process is a fun, and relationship building experience that all the new members have.  It begins right after they receive a bid from us.  First, they get a chance to get to know one another and also have a chance to get to know each sister a little more.  Then as NMOC I meet with them every week for the remainder of their pre-initiation process.  We have these meetings for about 5-8 weeks and in those meetings we talk about the history of our sorority, the different positions within it, the traditions and symbols within our group and also more about our philanthropy. 

In addition to setting up and leading the new member meetings I also have the privilege of helping the new ladies get their Bigs.  A Big is sort of like a big sister; they are sisters who have been in the sorority for at least one semester that can help their little if they have any questions or concerns about the sorority or just life in general.  They are kind of like a go to sister for new members.   Since I am in charge of helping the new ladies find their bigs, another thing I put together is the big little reveal where the new ladies find out who their big is. 

In addition to coordinating big little I also put together a new member retreat for the new ladies and ensure that they are having a great new member process.  I would not be able to have this process reach its full potential without a lot of help from my Assistant NMOC, Erin Cohoon.  I am so lucky that I am able to work with her throughout the New Member Orientation Process.

Overall I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women in Alpha Xi Delta and am so honored that I am able to hold the position of New Member Orientation Chair.  I know how much of an impact my new member process made on me and I hope to give all of the new ladies a NMOC experience that is just as great as mine was.


Molly Steinacker